The Rocking W is a working cattle ranch located in South/West Missouri.
We started Rocking W Holsters to fill in the time on those cold winter
days and the hot summer days when you don't want to work outside.

Our holsters are made from 8-9 oz shoulder with 2-3 oz lining.
The shoulder leather is a popular cut for making belts; we use
it for holsters. We use some Exotics when available
(Shark, Ostrich leg, Alligator, Elephant) we also use some exotic prints.

Rocking W Holsters are a high ride holster, designed to wear
on the point of the hip or slightly behind. Each holster is
molded to fit the exact pistol it was made for. This molding
makes the pistol secure in the holster. We fit the gun to the
holster, but we are unable to display the features of the gun,
because of the heavy leather.

When you receive your holster, it is stiff, this is because it is
made from very heavy leather, it will take time to break in. To
make the gun draw smoother, just apply some wax or wrap
your gun in wax paper and let set overnight in the holster, this
will transfer wax to the leather. To maintain your holster, just
use wax shoe polish. Do not use oils.

Roy Weber, owner
Dragon Holsters by